Monday, October 6, 2008

Asus WL500g Deluxe Power consumption


For almost 18 days my Asus has been running on the upgraded firmware with a memory stick (256M) and it only consumed a total of 3.73 kWh. This results in server which only needs about 8.6 Watt. Amazing when you compare it to the old Pentium Tower I used as SVN sever, which I now realize was only a Watt to hot noise converter.

Has any body done some measurements on a mechanical disk? Does it power down when idle?

DSC00050_33The photo shows the current configuration with the measurement running.

The consumption is (almost) too small to get a good reading.


Bart said...

About 2 years ago i have done some research on which external USB harddisk to use with this router. At that time the Western Digital "essential" series was the only candidate that also spins down according to the reviews.

I'm using it for 2 years now attached to my ASUS and it works perfectly, including spin down/standby after 10 minutes.

I haven't measured the power consumption though.

jeroen94704 said...

I haven't done any long-term measurement yet (That's running now), but right now, with a WD 160GB HD attached, my router draws almost 14 Watts. That's right after a reboot, so we'll see what effect the spin-down power-save has in the long run.

jeroen94704 said...

I forgot to add that this is with a "Premium" router, which may be a bit more power hungry to begin with due to the faster CPU.